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What can your rice cooker do besides cooking rice?

Rice cooker is a very useful and versatile piece of machinery to have in your kitchen. It is especially convenient if you cook rice regularly, but is also used for many other purposes besides cooking rice. Following is a list of the meals it can cook besides rice.


All type of grains can be cooked in a rice cooker. If you take a cup of grain, use 2 cups of water. You can also try adding vegetable or chicken stock in place of water to add more flavors.


You can cook oatmeal for breakfast in your rice cooker. Cooking it in a normal cooking pot causes a lot of splattering and creates a mess. Using a rice cooker with a secure lid to cook your oatmeal can prevent all the mess.


Especially suitable for people without an oven, you can use your trusty rice cooker to bake fresh homemade bread. It will be just as good as one that comes out of an oven.

Steamed meats and vegetables:

You can steam meat and vegetables in the same rice cooker while you cook your rice. It will save a lot of time and cleaning of multiple utensils along with enhancing the flavors of the rice. Most cookers come with a steaming tray or even if you don’t have one, you can buy it online. Start cooking your rice, and put the steaming tray with your meat and vegetables towards the end of the cooking cycle.

Mac and cheese:

With the rice cooker, you can cook mac and cheese much more conveniently and with much less cleanup as compared to the conventional methods find out more about this. You can cook all types of pasta in your best rice cooker as well from plain pasta to saucy pasta.


You will just need to soak your beans before you cook them in your rice cooker. The cooking time varies for different types of beans. With rice cooker, you do not have to supervise the cooking process as in the case with cooking in pot. If your rice cooker has a timer, you just need to adjust the timer appropriately and wait for it to cook.


You can make soup with very few simple steps. You just have to add all the ingredients like chopped onions, fresh vegetables, salt and spices and vegetable or chicken stock. Just let it cook and when you feel it is ready, switch the setting to warm. This way it will keep your soup to a specific temperature until it is ready to be served. If you want some ingredients to be left crunchy like corn, put them towards the end of the cooking cycle.

Your rice cooker can do much more, you just have to be creative and try new recipes with your rice cooker.

If you want a greater range of functionalities, choose an electric pressure cooker like Instant Pot or other advanced models which are a pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker and more in just a single appliance.

Recipes for Making the Perfect Smoothies and Shakes in your Blender

Recipes for Making the Perfect Smoothies and Shakes in your Blender

Are you the one who loves drinks more than meals? If yes, then smoothies and shakes are the best things for you. Get hold of your blender and unleash its magical powers to have nutritional, filling, and delicious smoothies and shakes to kick start your day. Here are some recipes for making shakes and smoothies using your blender:

Mango Shake

Mango Shake

Ripe and cut one medium sized mango into small pieces. Add one cup milk, one tablespoon sugar, a few ice cubes, and mango pieces in the blender. Blend the mixture until a smooth thick consistency is achieved.

Cookies and Cream Shake

Cookies and Cream Shake

Put 3 chocolate sandwich cookies like Oreo, two scoops vanilla ice cream, a few ice cubes, and quarter cup milk in a blender. Blend the mixture until it is smooth. Serve with chocolate topping on it or a crushed cookie on top of the shake!

Iced Mocha Shake

Iced Mocha Shake

In a blender, combine 3/4 cup milk, three tablespoons sugar, one teaspoon vanilla essence, three tablespoons instant coffee mix (mocha flavor). Blend all the ingredients until a smooth texture is achieved.

Banana Chocolate Shake

Banana Chocolate Shake

Take one banana and peel it. Cut into chunks and add to the blender. Add a cup of milk, one tablespoon chocolate syrup, and a cup of crushed ice. Blend the ingredients until a smooth consistency is reached. Pour in glasses and serve with a little chocolate syrup on top!

Strawberry and Yogurt Smoothie

Strawberry and Yogurt Smoothie

Add one cup strawberries, two tablespoons sugar, and three quarter cup yogurt in your blender. Blend it until a smooth consistency is reached.

You can even use a Immersion blender for making this smoothies. If you want to buy a best Immersion blender, this website can help in making a more informed decision.

Almond Berry Smoothie

Almond Berry Smoothie

Put one banana (ripped and cut into small pieces), one cup frozen blueberries, half cup almond milk, one tablespoon almond butter, and some ice cubes in a blender. Blend the mixture till a smooth consistency is achieved.

Banana and Pineapple Smoothie

Banana and Pineapple Smoothie

Take a quarter fresh pineapple and peel, core, and cut it into small cubes. You can also take half a can of pineapples if fresh is not available. Add these pineapple cubes, one large banana (peeled and cut into chunks), one cup pineapple juice, and a few ice cubes to your blender. Blend the mixture into a smooth puree.

Banana, Mango, and Yogurt Smoothie

Banana, Mango, and Yogurt Smoothie

Take one mango and one banana and peel them. Cut the fruits into chunks. Next, in a blender, combine banana and mango chunks, one cup orange juice, and one cup yogurt. Blend the mixture till it’s smooth. Pour in glasses and serve!

Orange Smoothie

Orange Smoothie

Take six ounces of frozen canned orange juice concentrate, half cup milk, half cup water, half cup sugar, half teaspoon vanilla extract, and a few ice cubes. Add these to the blender and blend till smooth.

If you want to kick start your day or want to energize yourself during the day, try out these delicious, healthy smoothies and shakes. Using a blender, these recipes are just a button away!

Waist Training Cincher vs Waist Training Corset

Waist Training Cincher vs Waist Training Corset

Waist trainers are garments worn tightly around the waist to make the waist appear slimmer. They’re effectiveness is claimed by many ladies including some well known celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba. Waist trainers come in two basic types namely corsets and cinchers. They differ in their purpose, shape, style, material and more. What you would select depends on your personal preferences, body type and budget. If you are not tight on your budget, it wouldn’t hurt to add both the types to your closet! provides complete information on starting waist training and how to wear that.


Corsets are made of cotton, satin or polyester typically reinforced with 25 columns of steel boning with tightening laces at the back. You can pull the laces to achieve any desired tightness. Cinchers, in contrast, are constructed with Latex with fewer pieces of steel boning. Unlike for corsets which use steel boning to provide firm shaping, cinchers uses its material, Latex, to provide compression and shaping. Instead of lacing, cinchers use hook-and-eye closure with typically three different tightness levels.


There are two types of results when it comes to waist training results: Instantaneous slimming effect on the waist and long-term weight loss. Corsets and cinchers differ slightly in the effects the produce. Corsets produce better instantaneous results, taking 4 to 6 inches off your waist as soon as you put it on in comparison to only about 2 inches off your waist while wearing a cincher. Cinchers however can be worn during workout and for greater hours a day because of their comfortable and flexible nature and thus produce better long term results. They are constructed with Latex that has compression capabilities and also stimulates sweat to make weight loss process faster.

Invisibility under clothing:

They can both be worn as undergarments, however, corsets are slightly harder to conceal because of their steel boning and laces at the back. Cinchers, hence, are more suitable for everyday use if you are wearing it under your clothes for long hours. Corsets are usually worn on special occasions over the dress to give it a stylish look.


Corsets are made of materials that are more breathable like cotton and satin as compared to stronger, less breathable Latex that is used for cinchers. The steel boning in corsets, however, can be more uncomfortable making it less suitable for being used during workout and if you are planning to sleep in it. Cinchers are more comfortable for being used during extended hours including workout and sleep.


Many people prefer cinchers over corsets because they are cheaper. Good quality corsets that will not break for at least a couple of months of excessive use generally cost you around $70 to $100 as compared to latex cinchers which cost only around $40.

If you are looking for men’s waist trainers, please visit our male waist trainer 2017: top 10 compared.

These were some of the basic differences among waist trainers and cinchers. It you are still confused as to which one to buy, I would repeat, you should consider buying both! Cinchers for normal everyday wear and corsets for special occasions.


Top 5 spikeless golf shoes for men

spikeless golf shoes

Golf shoes are very important to golfers in determining their performance on the golf course. The right pair of golf shoes will provide with the necessary comfort, traction on the ground and stability required to make the perfect golf swing. Mainly two categories are available in the market: the more traditional spiked golf shoes, and the modern looking spikeless golf shoes. The type you choose is a matter of personal taste and preference. However, many people prefer spikeless shoes today because of its versatility. It can be worn outside the course as well unlike spiked shoes. Here is a list of the 5 best spikeless men’s golf shoes available in the market today.

FootJoy Pro/SL Men Golf Shoe

FootJoy Pro/SL

FootJoy Pro/SL is made from FTF (Fine Tuned Foam) material that is makes it lighter than most golf shoes. The inner layer of the FTF is intentionally softer to provide comfort to the user while the outer layer is stronger to provide traction and balance. TPU elements on the outsole provide grip on the ground. Its sole has a needle like design although not as sharp as the traditional metal spikes. The upper layer is ChromeSkin leather to provide maximum durability even under adverse weather circumstances. FootJoy offers a 2 year warranty with the product.

Ecco Golf Casual Hybrid Golf Shoe

Ecco Golf Casual Hybrid

Along with offering style, it is known for its comfort and stability. Its E-DTS (ECCO Dynamic Traction System) outsole made of TPU material provides with maximum stability to the golfer while making his swing. This stability remains intact even on steep surfaces. The shoe is wider around the mid foot and toe area to provide more room to move with the heel fixed in place so that the stability and balance are not hampered. HYDROMAX™ leather upper provides breathability, comfort and style all at the same time. The upper is also water-repellent to keep the feet from getting wet under any weather conditions.

Adidas Crossknit Boost Golf shoe for men

Adidas Crossknit Boost

Its midsole made of Full-length boost™ foam provides the golfer with maximum comfort and cushioning. The Boost midsole is made from TPU material which is lightweight and durable. The upper is CIRCLEknit material specially designed to offer breathability, flexibility and comfort. Its outsole has intelligently placed adiwearTM traction to provide with the necessary stability and grip while making the golf swing. Multiple layers of different kinds of foam in the midsole provide with maximum cushioning. It comes with a 90 day comfort guarantee from the manufacturer.

Ecco Cage Pro Golf Shoe

Ecco Cage Pro

Ecco Cage Pro is lightweight, stylish, and excellent in performance. Its Dritton leather outsole provides with breathability and flexibility. The outsole of this golf shoe is treated with HydromaxTM to make it water repellent so that the feet remain dry under all weather conditions. This golf shoe  outsole offers pivot points to provide maximum stability and traction on the ground while making the swing. Its insole has two layers to provide cushioning and comfort. These layers are removable to provide this golf shoes more room if needed. To help you with your selection of golf shoes for men this site was helpful for finding the best pair and information regarding the men’s golf shoes.

Adidas Gripmore 2.0 Gole Shoe

Adidas Gripmore 2.0

Its flexible leather upper, made of Waterproof, breathable climaproofTM, provides the golfer with maximum comfort while keeping the feet dry even in wet conditions. It is wider around the midfoot and toes to allow more room to move. Its spikeless outsole offer 43 strategically placed GripmoreTM cleats for maximum traction while making the golf swing. The manufacturer provides a 2 year waterproof warranty as well. Its PU foam midsole and fitfoam PU sockliner provides maximum cushioning and stability.

How to Take Care of your Food Processor

How to Take Care of your Food Processor

A food processor is a magical appliance that could aid you greatly when it comes to doing the kitchen chores. The key to getting the most from your food processor is its maintenance.  You must use it correctly and keep it clean. Listed below are some tips for taking care of the food processor so that it functions optimally:

  1.       Before operating the food processor, make sure that you are using the foods that can be used in the food processor.
  2.       To ensure consistency and smooth running of the processor, cut vegetables and fruits in small pieces before using them in the processor.
  3.       Always turn off and unplug the machine before cleaning it.
  4.       Never put your hand in the food processor’s bowl when it is switched on. This would cause severe injuries and damage the product as well.
  5.       Avoid complete filling of the food processor. This will result in better blending and chopping.
  6.       While kneading dough in your best food processor, add liquid only through the funnel.
  7.       To remove odors from your food processor bowl, add baking soda and water solution to the bowl and keep it for fifteen minutes. Dry your bowl thoroughly.
  8.       After every use clean your food processor. For cleaning the motor, wipe the outer surface using a damp cloth and let it dry. For the bowl, blades, and lid, wash them and wipe thoroughly to completely remove moisture.
  9.       For efficient functioning of the blades, oil them and read the instruction manual for this process. In case of the blades being damaged, replace them immediately.
  10.   Use a nylon scrubber to remove deposits that are difficult to remove.
  11.   Always remove food stuck between the blades as it could cause the blades to wear and tear quickly.

Food ProcessorFood processors come with removable blades for shredding, slicing, chopping and mixing foods. Food processors are of two kinds: direct-driven and belt-driven.

Direct-driven food processors have the spindle directly connected to the motor. Moreover, the mixing bowl is placed over the gear assembly. On the other hand, belt-driven food processors have the mixing bowl placed on one side of the motor. The blade shaft and the drive shaft are connected through a rubber belt which makes the blades to spin.

Since the blades of a food processor are extremely sharp and could be injurious, all sorts of food processors come with a safety switch which prevents the motor to operate until the bowl cover has been securely in place. So if the machine is not running, first of all check whether the cover is locked properly or not.

There are specific food processors that are specially designed for preparing baby food. Visit if you want information on baby food processors and baby food makers.